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Total Pink-Urban Knitting: Photogallery

Total Pink-Urban Knitting: Photogallery


TOTAL PINK .. pieces from the Urban Knitting …
May 12: Urban Knitting ‘square of liberty’ 

Total Pink-Urban Knitting: Photogallery


Knitting Relay


Knitting Relay

Friday, July 26, 2013

Knitting Relay and Pink Ball

The recovery of the wool, the protection of the environment and the health of the woman

a combination that has not gone unnoticed in Knitting Relay.

For a long time we wanted to talk to you about Rose Ball. Many of you probably know him already. We have got to make the direct knowledge of one of the spokesmen of this wonderful project: Manuela Micheletti, during the organization of the event  Total Pink-Urban Knitting .

Since that time we have decided to support this project through a series of actions which took place in Faenza from Pink Total of May and continue until this July.

Our partnership does not end here, in fact we have in the pipeline a number of new projects that we will present in the future.
Meanwhile, we start by introduce Pink Ball : the thread that unites.

In short: What is  PINK BALL? 
(From the official website: )
Pink Ball  was born in Biella, in Piedmont, for its history of wool district whose centuries-old tradition wrote much of the history of the Italian textile industry.  ‘s a private entity, non-profit organization, registered in the city of Biella in June 2012 and in the process of recognition as the Foundation, which  support women’s organizations that work to breast cancer in Italy and in Europe, taking the wool is not absorbed by the market and contributing to a better balance of the environment. The Rose Ball is a ‘ initiative which aims to support this essential component of the fight against breast cancer, and its name derives from the material chosen to achieve this support, the wool.  The Rose Ball is an initiative to support this essential component of the fight against cancer breast, and its name derives from the material chosen to achieve this support, the wool.  Lana native, derived exclusively from Italian regions, which would be sold below cost for excess availability or destroyed as deemed unfit for consumption market or – some cases – burned, polluting.  Gomitolo The Rose made ​​his first appearance October 15, 2012, on the occasion of the Day for Breast Health and continues to peep from shop friends, from baskets of markets, from classes to work knitted dedicated to women who are battling breast cancer (“Knitta wool, warm life”).

Rose Ball in Faenza for the Total Summer Pink 
 With Knitting Relay,   Cultural Association E.spazio23 and  Arredando.
(5 events throughout the month July)
Rose Ball in Faenza for the World Day of knitting. June 2013
With Knitting Relay,   Cultural Association E.spazio23 and  Arredando.
We take advantage of this post to inform you that in Faenza Pink Ball was a guest of our collaborator Martina Luciana. You can find balls at his shop  Arredando .
If you do not live in those parts do not worry! And ‘possible to request the balls by contacting the e-mail address: or visit the  website  to discover the places that host Ball Rosa.