A Very Reductionist Pattern


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I have long been a proponent of the old-style Norwegian patterns used when I was a child.  Eclectic blogger Connie Krug sent me another version of a reductionist pattern.  It too is short but is set up differently than the old-style Norwegian patterns.  This cardigan pattern is from Junghans-Wolle (www.junghanswolle.de) and available for free on the website.

For discussion purposes, I split the PDF into two one-page .jpg files.  This picture shows page 1 of 2:


Here is page 2 of 2:


I don’t read German – unless the word is very close to its Norwegian (a Germanic language) word.  Connie kindly translated the instructions into English, but I wanted to see if I could figure out the pattern without her translations.  I looked up a few terms from Heathman’s Knitting Languages, but I found myself needing to refer to Connie’s instructions.

Starting at page one of the pattern…

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