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Hanging Amigurumi Jellyfish by PosiPlush


so cute ❤

Best of Crochet

Hanging Amigurumi Jellyfish by PosiPlush


I love how happy and colorful these Amigurumi Jellyfish look! Pattern is available here, in PosiPlush Etsy shop.

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A Very Reductionist Pattern


The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fiber Arts

I have long been a proponent of the old-style Norwegian patterns used when I was a child.  Eclectic blogger Connie Krug sent me another version of a reductionist pattern.  It too is short but is set up differently than the old-style Norwegian patterns.  This cardigan pattern is from Junghans-Wolle ( and available for free on the website.

For discussion purposes, I split the PDF into two one-page .jpg files.  This picture shows page 1 of 2:


Here is page 2 of 2:


I don’t read German – unless the word is very close to its Norwegian (a Germanic language) word.  Connie kindly translated the instructions into English, but I wanted to see if I could figure out the pattern without her translations.  I looked up a few terms from Heathman’s Knitting Languages, but I found myself needing to refer to Connie’s instructions.

Starting at page one of the pattern…

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Fan Day: Even Tiny Tim isn’t this tiny


I’ve crocheted miniature itemz before, but these are just the cutest ❤

HIJinKs Crochet

My friend showed me this article, 20 Tiny Knitted and Crocheted Things, a few weeks ago.

Miniscule Snail

Let’s get real for a second. Do you see how tiny these things are? How small is this hook/needle? When I try to make tiny stitches, the whole thing just ends up as a GIANT knot. It’s not pretty. I hook some yarn, and then POW, knots. The smallest hook I own, I think, is about 1.75mm. That’s already really tiny, and that’s not even close the the normal hook sizes I use (H, I, J, and K, which is 5-6.5mm, hence the name of this blog).

This is just incredible. So tiny! It’s absolutely amazing. My favorite is probably the tiny little snowmen and the goat.

I’m a fan!

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The NYC-HHI Hat Reveal


NYC Hats for Hope Initiative

The NYC-HHI Hat reveal:


Apologies it’s taken so long to post this; there was an unexpected rush of activities, and I didn’t want to rush posting this with half the information.

Here’s what I plan for the hat:

Design: single ribs and stripes
Colour: Teal/Blue-Green
Variations on the NYC-HHI Hat:
1) solid teal colour, in any design/pattern of your choosing;
2) teal and other colour; main colour is teal; accent colour can be in any other colour; in any design/pattern of your choosing;
3) the NYC-HHI hat design, in any colour.

Here’s variations on the pattern/design, modeled by son, Justin:

Variegated yarn works well with the design; the stripes will line up nicely.  Solid colours work well too; it shows up the ribbed texture.

The pattern is being written up.  I’ve been too ambitious, writing up a pattern for the first time.  I hope to iron that out and post it…

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Deconstructing the Very Reductionist Pattern


The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fiber Arts

This post is a follow-up discussion on the “reductionist” pattern format used by Junghans-Wolle for women’s cardigan Modell 434/2, free on its website.  (I reduced its size below.)

German_Pattern_anleitung1German_Pattern_anleitung2I think the schematics are very well done.  They include all the information I need if I want to make any adjustments (and I always do).

I like the way the patterns change for the back and front pieces for the larger sizes rather than simply making the smaller sizes bigger.  Kudos!  (I worked in a yarn school when I was in grad school and saw far too many larger women who were disappointed with finished unflattering garments clearly designed for smaller women.)

I like the abbreviated instructions.  Combined with the schematics, the user would have to carry with her (or read electronically) only 2 pages!  (I’ve used U.S. patterns that were 8 pages long, and the rambling narrative serves only to, at best, frustrate…

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