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A Walk Down Memory Lane (The Eagle Weeps)

A while back I was surfing the web when I landed on a site with an article intitled

Comprehensive Geriatric Programs in a Time of Shrinking Resources: “True Grit” Revisited.

You see I was thinking about the failing care of our elderly population & wondering what I could do to help / volunteer.  Imagine my interest peeking when I clicked the link & I begin to read & just below the title was a large as life image that I recognized as my creation “The Eagle Weeps” & about how it was worked with all donated items, by older inmates as part of the True Grit program. of the NNCC.  The ghan took 1st PLACE/BEST OF SHOW in the 2010 Nevada State Fair & has been displayed @ the Nevada State Legislature Building… It was to be donated to The Nevada Veterans Hospice in Reno.
Just imagine how warm & fuzzy I felt to see this, which inspired me to search out some of the old content disks from Crochetmamashouse & Graphmaker Graphs & attempt to start a blog.
Mind you it’s going to be rather slow at first till I find the disks & manage getting the hang of this blogging business.
For now here’s the “THE EAGLE WEEPS” by Graphmaker © 09/11/2001,  Row Counts , & some pics



Beer+Sunshine=Hot Water

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A Chinese farmer made his solar-powered water heater out of beer bottles and hosepipes. Ma’s invention features 66 beer bottles attached to a board. The bottles are connected to each other so that water flows through them. Sunlight heats the water as is passes slowly through the bottles before flowing into the bathroom as hot water, reports China Economy Network. Ma says it provides enough hot water for all three members of his family to have a shower every day.





I’m Debra -aka- Crochetmama.  I also go by DrAgZ 

Please bear w/ me as I get the hang of this.  I’ll likely start posting thingz I find from the once   I’ll also be posting freebiez, contestz, craftz, recipez & more that I find on the net.  Here goez:

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